Untitled-1DJ, actress and model but above all, committed environmental activist. Calu Rivero is a woman of natural beauty who’s smile will win your heart and who’s sharp intelligence will captivate your brain. Argentinian by birth but European by adoption, her favourite city is Paris, of which she loves the gardens, museums and bookshops (Shakespeare & Company is her favourite). She became famous in her homeland for playing the protagonist in the TV series Dulce Amor.

Film is her passion but fashion entices her: she has been the ambassador for brands such as Nike and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Vogue dedicated an editorial to her and Stella McCartney has just chosen her as the protagonist for the last chapter of the One City One Girl series for the Spring 2016 collection. Her style? Feminine, authentic and…cruelty-free! Yes, because Calu is vegan and tries to wear, as much as possible, clothes and accessories made without harming the environment or living things. Very cool!

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