cover zoe lisaOne of them was our childhood inspiration, when she starred in The Cosby Show as Denise, and enchanted everyone with her unconventional beauty. The other one is a rebel muse today, with her own unpredictable style, that doesn’t get typecast in a stereotype. Lisa Bonet and Zöe Kravitz  are today’s WCW: we decided to choose a mother-daughter pair this week to celebrate Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. They share the same intense gaze, and the same wild hair — Lisa was one of the first celebrities to regularly wear dreadlocks, which she still does nowadays, as a beautiful 50-year-old, while Zöe has long, braided hair. They also share their love for cinema: both of them are actors, and played in multiple productions, although they never shared a set.

Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry were the first to place them in front of a camera lens together, for their Life In The Now campaign. In the campaign, the two women share intimate family memories, and tell us what living in the moment, without any conditioning from the past or present, means to them. This idea of living in the moment was central to both these women’s lives. Both always chose to just do what they felt was good for them at any given moment, living their life day by day, and built their relationship as friends, as well as mother and daughter. They are perfect for our Mother’s Day Edition of WCW!


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