Sofia Carson, our WCW of the week, really charmed everyone with her impeccable style, on the red carpet of the latest Latin Grammy Awards: all eyes (and flashes) were on her. Her life is filled with many passions, a great career and many other interesting things… Want to find out more about them with us?

1. Disney star
Sofia Carson is a true idol for many girls worldwide, and that is thanks to Disney, who picked her for its super-successful film Descendants. Sofia played Evie, the Evil Queen’s daughter, and her performance won her so many positive reviews that she was immediately reconfirmed for Descendants 2.

2. More than just cinema
Sofia is famous for her acting, but her love for singing has become more and more important for her lately. The young American girl managed to make one of her dreams come true in 2015, when she recorded a whole album, Love Is the Name. We listened to it, and we must say… It’s not bad at all!

3. Her favorite food
Carson often specified she loves hanging out at home, on her couch, in her PJs. It’s kind of unexpected from a young girl like her, right? And that’s not all: while hanging out on the couch, in her PJs… Sofia loves eating Italian food! Pasta, pizza, meatballs… Anything, as long as it’s Italian. And can you blame her?

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