Beep beep! Recognize that sound? It’s our alert, reminding you to keep an eye on a young model on over the next few months! Her name is Selena Forrest, almost 17 years old, who left everyone awestruck over the past few fashion weeks, and saw her number of followers boom as a result. We often choose to tell the stories of peculiar people in our weekly WCW column, people whose stories are out of the ordinary, and our WCW of the week is a perfect example of this.
Everything began in 2005, when a hurricane of unprecedented force reached the state of Lousiana, where the Forrest family lived. That week at the end of summer completely upset Selena’s life: Katrina wrought death and destruction among her family and her dearest friends. Suddenly homeless, the family moved to California, to rebuild their lives. The young girl fell in love with the vibrant ambience so typical of California, and this was what would change her life forever: one day, on the beach, she was stopped by police officers for an ID check. That was how she attracted the attention of bystanders, among which a talent scout, who asked her if she wanted to audition at her model agency.
Although Selena’s beauty is pretty obvious, that woman must have had good instinct, since Selena is now defined by all as the rightful heir of Jourdan Dunn… Not bad! From then on, the model walked on lots of runways, such as those of Proenza Schouler, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton and Versace, to name a few. As she often writes on her Instagram captions, “this year was incredible”. Surely, this was the year she told the world, “I am here, and you will see my worth”, but Selena also doesn’t want to forget that she is a young girl, too: this is why she doesn’t want to stop having fun, being carefree, and going skateboarding on Venice Beach with her brother. It definitely won’t be easy for Selena Forrest to manage her rising career and life as a teenager at the same time, but we will wait and see how she handles it. All the best!

All the pics are taken from Selena Forrest Instagram profile

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