Models don’t eat? Don’t tell Tess Ward! Harry Styles’s new girlfriend is working with agency Models1, yes, but she actually spends most of her time in the kitchen, where she loves to create healthy recipes to share with her followers and the readers of her blog, The Yes Chef. Tess studied at the famous cooking school Le Cordon Bleu, and she started cooking at university, when she had little money and hungry roommates: that was when she discovered that preparing delicious meals is a beautiful way to take care of the people you love. Especially with desserts… Did you know she loves panettone? It’s not a coincidence that breakfast is her favorite moment of the day: pancakes and waffles are an excellent way to say good morning to her boyfriend Harry!

Tess Ward authored a book called The Naked Diet, which features quick and healthy recipes, the kind of recipes that you can prepare when you wake up “after a particularly alcohol-heavy night”. Tess is a party girl, actually, and she never misses a single event, especially fashion-related ones. She started modelling at 19 and shopping is another passion of hers, as can be seen by her feminine, yet sophisticated style. One thing she has in common with the former lead singer of One Direction is that she loves dressing in a very original way, and to shop in vintage stores.

So how does she manage to stay so fit, despite cooking all the time? Eating healthily of course, and practicing activities that shape her harmonious, defined physique: yoga, reformer Pilates, and a bit of cardio — she loves spinning. She is definitely a good model to follow for our lifestyle, and this is why she is our WCW of the week. 😉

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