Our WCW is Alyssa Lynch, and if this name doesn’t sound familiar to you, we are sure that you have seen her as the lead role of Closer,  a video by The Chainsmokers. She’s Canadian, she is 23 and she is in love with her boyfriend Jordan … here 3 more things you should know about our Woman Crush Wesdnesday!


She loves arts

She attended a creative arts high school, where she focused on dance and drama. She was also a student at Affinity Dance School, where she competed in various dance styles.


Her travel addiction is real

As you can see from her blog or Instagram profile, she loves to travel. Her favorite travel destination is Bondi Beach in Australia but she fell in love with Maui getting stuck in a rainstorm with her boyfriend.


Sharing is caring

Alyssa loves to share: she has a blog, an youtube channel and she is very active on her Instagram account too. You will find vegan cookies, European sunsets, love moments and much more. This girl teaches us that  believing in yourself and living the life you want to is.


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