She’s 19, she’s a model, and she has an impressive pedigree: Aiden Curtiss, our crush this week, inherited the blood and the beauty of her mother, the 1990s top model Katoucha Niane, and the creativity of her father, designer Nigel Curtiss.
Her charm did not go lost on the such of Fendi, Bottega Veneta, Topshop, Off-White, Stella McCartney, Miu Miu and Versace, who made her a young goddess of the fashion industry and one of the most sought-after black models of the last seasons.
Yet fashion is not her only passion: Aiden’s greatest love is music, which is her one true medicine, and which pushed her to become a producer. Creating music is her pride and an important tool for her to fight against prejudices according to which music production is a “male” profession.
Just like her mother, who was a spokeperson again FGM, she is sensitive to gender issues and is fighting the battle against discrimination.
This new fashion star is not afraid to speak her mind and like everyone in their late teens, she loves adventure and keeping active. Her large, beautiful dark eyes reflect her strong personality, which is just as noticeable as her incredible beauty.
As for us, we’re looking forward to celebrating her success as music producer and see her walk the most important runways of the next fashion weeks! Go, baby, go!



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