Gigi, Bella, Anwar and now Alana, too: the Hadid empire knows no limits. Yes, because one more Hadid family member shot to fame lately, the eldest of the bunch actually, who only recently became famous, thanks to her cool style. This slender blonde beauty has the same beautiful blue eyes as her baby sisters. Alana is 31 years old and she was born during her father’s first marriage, unlike Gigi and Bella, who are model Yolanda Foster’s children.
So, what does the Hadid firstborn do in life? She does fashion of course, what sort of question is that? She has her own brand, called Current Moji, in which she shows her passion for emoji, and with she recently launched her first capsule collection, in collaboration with the American brand Lou&Grey: the collection sold out in less than a week.
While Alana enjoys lower levels of exposure than her sisters do, her career is definitely newsworthy, and if you have a peek at her Instagram, you’ll see she’s a fun girl with plenty of character, her style is just as good as that of her more famous sisters.
Have a look at the gallery and you’ll see what we mean! In the meantime, stay tuned — who knows what other surprises the Hadid family has in store!

All the photos are taken from Alana Hadid Instagram profile

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