If critics consider you a real artist at only 25, that is when you know you have made it,  despite being a celebrity kid with a cumbersome family name, as is often the case. Alma Jodorowsky, a stunning Parisian young woman, is our woman of the week. As we just mentioned above, her surname might ring a bell for some of you: her grandfather is a great writer and world-famous stage director, and her father continued the family tradition along that same path. Thanks to her stunning yet simple beauty, Alma attracted the attention of the fashion world as well as the film and music industries, instead.
Alma always had lots of interests that she made into her profession, over time. So, let’s go through them in the right order: Alma first reached fame as a model, when she was featured in editorials for big fashion magazines, such as Marie Claire, VICE and L’Officiel, and as the main face of several campaigns that contributed to our beautiful Parisian’s rise to the top of the industry. Some of her memorable moments? Being chosen by Karl Lagerfeld for his photo exhibition The Little Black Jacket Revisited,  and when Lancôme picked her as its ambassador. She also collaborated with Mango, as the main character of the third chapter of their Journeys project.
In addition to her achievements in fashion, she also worked in cinema, a form of art that is very dear to Jodorowsky. After studying acting in New York and Paris, she starred in Eyes Find Eyes, Blue is the Warmest Color and Kids, with Cara Delevingne. Despite the short hiatus, she has no intention to quit the cinema industry, a field in which her family has excelled so far. And music? Music seems to be the greatest bet for this French artist, who is French pop band Burning Peacocks’ lead singer and songwriter. Their first album, Love Reaction, was released in 2016. In a recent interview, she was asked if there was anything else she wanted to do on top of all the ones she is already so skilled at. Of course, Alma’s answer was yes: one of her next goals would be to become a film director, and she will be starting out with her band’s videos.
This is all you need to know so far about Alma Jodorowsky, but it won’t stay this way for long — we are pretty sure new passions and skills will pop up soon!

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