Let’s get started with some data: Anna Ewers has about 220,000 followers on Instagram, and despite that, she was named model of the year on models.com, beating her colleagues Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, who both have several millions of followers, unlike Anna. So, could it be that the number of followers you have doesn’t count as much as we thought, after all? The young German model is living proof that popularity isn’t the only road to success, and her career hints in the same direction: she only started modelling 3 years ago, but still, Anna already has 9 Vogue covers under her belt, and participated in multiple shows with several important designers, as well as plenty of advertising campaigns, including Hugo Boss’s: she was the testimonial for their new fragrance The Scent. Those who know her well say that Anna’s personality is strong, sometimes veering on tough: maybe because of her roots, definitely because of her past as a barmaid, when she had to deal with intoxicated customers constantly hitting on her. So, did success change her? Not at all! The beautiful 23-year-old blonde is still in a relationship with her boyfriend who lives in her hometown in Germany, and even if she lives in New York, she makes sure not to move to Manhattan. For the few of you who still don’t know her, here is a gallery with the best photos of our WCW of the week. We know what you’re thinking, and we agree… She really reminds us of beautiful Brigitte Bardot, too!

All the photos are from Anna Ewers Instagram profile.

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