If you only judged her resume and the amount of roles she played, you would never guess that Ariel Winter is only 18 years old. The actor, voice actor and singer first appeared on screen in 2005, but it seems like her career is getting stellar just now. If you’re fans of Modern Family, you will know what we are talking about: everyone loves her enthusiasm and her charme, both on TV and online. Ariel is truly a model of positivity and niceness, and her femininity sets an example for her followers and many girls her age. The hashtag #embraceyourcurves is all over her Instagram account, and we just couldn’t agree more with the positive message she is sending. Between one set and the other, Miss Winter also likes to share inspirational sentences and photos of her incredibly cute pups, Chloe, Casper and Rocco. So ,what do you think, did we pick the right person as our #WCW of the week?

All images from Ariel Winter’s Instagram account.


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