poplAt first glance, Coeur de Pirate seems like a girl you shouldn’t mess with: a rock’n’roll bad girl, covered in tattoos, someone you should handle with care. Behind the bad-girl attitude, though, hides a sweet, very romantic woman, just like her “pirate heart”. Born in Canada in 1989, Béatrice Martin – this is her real name – showed her passion for music very early on: she started to play the piano at three, and never stopped. In 2009, she finally managed to make her wish come true, and released her first single, Comme des enfants, which topped the charts both in Canada and in the US. This unexpected success gave her the energy to totally devote herself to music, and this resulted in the release of three albums so far.

Her mostly French-language songs are delicate and cheerful, as well as romantic and sentimental. She is a star in Canada, by now. In 2010, Coca-Cola picked her for an exclusive collaboration for the Olympics in Vancouver: it was here that she met Jay Malinowsky, with whom she started the band Armistice, a year later. Coeur de Pirate really lives for the music, but lately, fashion has been keeping an eye on her, too: the Italian brand Fendi chose her for a special project celebrating its EyeShine sunglasses. Coeur de Pirate made a video, Undone, that pays homage to old sun myths and legends, that portray the Sun as something god-like. Have a look at the Coeur de Pirate photos in our gallery and don’t miss the playlist we made for you, featuring her best songs.

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