It’s true that in every ending there is a new beginning. And there was for Deddeh Howard, who faced a lot of rejection during her career. «Sorry, we already have a model of color. Maybe next time», she was told at so many auditions. This just made our 27-year-old WCW even more determined to make it, to get payback on all the people who treated her with such disrespect over the years. And so, with her photographer fiance Raffael Dickreuter’s help, she designed a format called #BlackMirror, which is now the talk of town. So, what is #BlackMirror about? Deddeh’s idea was to replicate many famous campaigns and editorials which featured her white-skinned colleagues, posing in exactly the same position. The idea was to prove that the result is exactly the same, whatever the model’s skin color, which goes to show that it doesn’t really make any sense to set a limit on the amount of models of color that should be present at a photoshoot: this is how Deddeh got the world’s attention. Born in Lebanon, she now has plenty of offers coming from every direction, from TV, newspapers and fashion maisons. We often talk about brave women in our WCW section, women who fight prejudice and even manage to use difficulties as a springboard to soar even higher. Howard is definitely one of them, which is why she will be our last WCW of 2016 — and we hope we are going to see her in many, many new projects next year!

All the photos are taken from Deddeh Howard Instagram profile.

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