She’s been the talk of town for a week, everyone is using really strong, positive adjectives to describe her, some consider her “an angel”, others call her “the girl with a golden heart”. We are talking about Francia Raìsa: she is Selena Gomez’s best friend, and last week, she donated a kidney to her superstar friend, who is also a Lupus patient.

So, who is this girl Selena Gomez loves like a sister? Let’s start by saying that Francia was born in L.A. In 1988, and she is of Honduran and Mexican descent. Raìsa comes from a family of artists: her parents are actually radio stars, so she’s always felt very comfortable under the spotlight of the show business. After a short stint working as a model, the now 29-year-old joined the Disney Club and that was a very important springboard for her, and that was also where Francia met Selena! Both of them were very young at the time, but also very eager to learn, and year after year, their bond became stronger and enviable.

Francia became quite famous in the US when she starred in The Secret Life of the American teenager: that experience was followed by a lot of roles in young adult movies and TV shows, such as The Cutting Edge and Beyond Paradise.

Everyone is talking about her and her good heart lately, and we all feel moved by the beautiful story of this friendship. Thanks Francia, for tenderly showing us what love and friendship are all about!

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