All good things come in threes. Or four. Or five, perhaps? It took model Georgia Fowler 5 years of auditions to finally join Victoria’s Secret cast of Angels. Her story should work as an example for us all, showing determination and willpower prevailing over discouragement, reminding us all that if we really want something, we will manage to get it at one point. To be honest, though, we really wonder why she was rejected so many times by Victoria’s Secret, since she has a perfect body, and the face of a china doll. However, the 24-year-old Kiwi’s dream finally came true on November 30, when she found herself on the catwalk in Paris, alongside some of the world’s most famous models. No emotions or insecurity could be detected on her face: Georgia’s behavior on the most important day of her career was just impeccable. Not many know that her career started when she was only 9, thanks to her mum already seeing her potential. Since then, Georgia was in photo shoots for MiuMiu, TopShop and Michael Kors. Her wonderful experience with Victoria’s Secret will be an excellent push to do even better and better. I  have two questions on my mind now. First, how big was the celebratory pizza she must have had after the Paris  show? And secondly, since she is now officially a Victoria’s Angel, how long will it be until Leo DiCaprio asks her for her number? LOL 🙂 Seriously, though, our WCW is a beautiful woman and a winner, and really deserves to be our crush. Careful, Bella Hadid, you’d better watch your back!

All the photos are taken from Georgia Fowler’s Instagram profile

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