Angelina, Annabelle, Crystal and Thaïs are the Gucci Gang girls — the Parisian girl crew that is grabbing more and more attention every day on social networks, thanks to their eclectic style which goes from streetwear, to boyish to super classy styles, the crew of girls who pull off sweatshirts and vintage Chanel pearl necklaces.

The four girls have their young age in common — they are all underage! — as well as their passion for fashion. Each one of them has a distinct, strong personality that can be seen on their very spontaneous social network profiles. Thanks to their authenticity and their disinterest in carefully curated Instagram feeds, they got a strong fan base, mostly made of Gen Z’ers, who enjoy more natural social media feeds rather than the occasionally fake, overly designed ones we were used to so far.

The coolest gang of Parisian girls right now misses no important event in town, and they are always where the Parisian hype is, showcasing looks that allow them stay true to themselves and their strong personalities, and which got them everyone’s attention attention left and right, and that even got interviewed by big names like Dazed, Vogue and L’ Officiel.

Thanks to their rather unexpected success, the Gucci Gang has recently collaborated with Miaou, the new, emerging brand by Alexia Elkaim, who picked them for her video campaign that launched her new collection, featuring Travis Scott. The four girls once again showed their preference for a low profile when one of them told Dazed that, instead of going out dancing with Travis Scott and the rest of the Gang after shooting the video, she went home because she had a test at school the next day.
Honestly, would you have been able to say no to a night with Travis Scott because of a test in high school? Well done!

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