cope_ibeyiHere we are for our usual Wednesday column. We usually share our thoughts about a woman who caught our attention over the week, but this week is special as we will be talking about two women. Who are they, then? Their stage name is Ibeyi: they are musicians, two twins of French-Cuban heritage, Lisa-Kaindé Diaz and Naomi Diaz. They were born in Paris, but grew up in Cuba for a while, and they brought this unusual cultural mix into their music. Their first album, released in 2014, was pretty successful but it’s with their second that they really got famous. You can easily feel their diverse cultural influences in their music, in their use of traditional instruments and their warm voices. The Diaz twins just had a very important weekend for their career: they were featured in Beyonce’s new documentary/movie, Lemonade, and they didn’t fail to attract attention. One appareance was enough for everyone to recognize their charm, and their appeal. They are not just talented, they are also beautiful and stylish, two things which seem to be essential for success in society today. You can see one of their videos below the gallery: what do you think? We like them a lot!

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