Blood is thicker than water, we have to say that this week, especially since we are talking about the offspring of one of the most charming men in the planet: Jude Law’s daughter, Iris Law, to be specific. We already talked at length about Rafferty a few weeks ago. This time it is Iris, his sister, who is at the center of our attention. The beautiful 16-year-old was chosen as the face of the new Liquid Lip Velvet by Burberry. Iris’s parents Jude and Sadie Frost are both actors, still, Iris seems very oriented towards a career in fashion, which already started in 2015 when she posed as a model for the Violetta Fancies You x Illustrated People campaign. If Kate Moss is your godmother, that means somebody definitely got you covered, after all. Little Iris law really looks the current prototype model: she is beautiful and she has pouty lips — does she remind you of Lily-Rose Depp, too? While we wait to see how our WCW‘s life develops, we have an obvious question here: Jude, do you keep any other model children hidden somewhere?

All the photos are taken from Iris Law Instagram profile

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