Born in 2001 (does it get any more Millennial than that?), she’s already been called the teenage prodigy of Hollywood, thanks to a number of important achievements: our weekly Woman Crush, Isabela Moner, is as beautiful as she is talented and is only 16, but she has already become famous after starring in Transformers: The Last Knight.

Isabela was born in Ohio, but both of her parents are from Peru, and she feels Peruvian herself. Her dearest friends all say that she proudly answers she is from Peru to anyone who inquires about her origins!
Her career started about five years ago, when Isabela was just 11, but it was her role as the main actress in the 2014 movie 100 Things to Do Before High School that propelled her to fame. Shortly after, she was cast for the television film Splitting Adam before landing a role in Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life and, and most recently, she starred in Transformers: The Last Knight, a howling success.

Curiously, she is mostly known for roles in high school movies, even though Isabela never really had time for regular school in her teenage life, being too busy on set! Instead, she got her diploma through a homeschooling program.
And that’s not all: this talented girl is not just an actress – she’s also a musician. Isabela plays the ukulele and her album Stopping Time was released in 2015. With this kind of resume at 16, the sky’s the limit!

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