Think of two cultures that are very very different from one another: say, Japanese and Mexican. What do you get if you mix them up? Why, you get Issa Lish, one of the most popular international models right now! We saw her most recently rocking the Alexander Wang show in New York City, but it was no news for this self-assured 21-year-old, who is so used to important catwalk shows that she declared they feel like home, and that they actually feel like they are the safest place for her. It isn’t so hard to understand why that is, since Issa was bullied as a kid at school, because of her peculiar looks and her slim face, which earned her the mean nickname of “alien” when she attended school.
Issa never gave up though, and she actually started a wonderful career: this was the best revenge possible against all the people who didn’t consider her up to the current fashion standard. And, do you know what she did with that evil nickname that made her feel so bad at school? She actually turned it into her IG account name, @issalien. Well done, Issa! Her IG profile is actually hilarious: she never takes herself too seriously, she hates selfies — except for ironic ones — and she doesn’t really care whether she looks good in photos or not. Issa is a real character, so how could she not be our Wednesday crush? Have a look at the photos to see her wonderful world 🙂
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