e34She’s not even 15 years old, but we’re not exaggerating when we say that Kaia Gerber is one of the most sought-after teenagers in the fashion circuit. Taking into consideration that her mother is the ex top model Cindy Crawford, we could say that it was predestined, but aside from her name and incredible beauty, the young Kaia is proving that she has a good head on her shoulders and knows what she wants. Her first important job currently sees her play the lead in Miu Miu’s short movie, they chose her to present the new Scenique sunglasses. Before this project Cindy Crawford’s heiress worked for Young Versace and in the Alexandra Wang campaign. We like her girl-next-door aura, simple and not at all rebellious. And then, let’s be honest, the similarity between her and her mother blows us away a bit – the nostalgia of fashion’s golden age making us relive the magic of the 80s. Well, we really can say that a star is born and we wish her an exceptional career. Yes Kaia, we’re rooting for you.
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