If your first acting role is something as intense as playing a character who kills herself, it means you must have what it takes, as well as a lot, and we mean really a lot, of talent. That is definitely the case for Katherine Langford, who plays the main character in the uber-popular Netflix-exclusive TV show “13 Reasons Why”, produced by Selena Gomez.

Katherine plays Hannah Baker in the series, a high-school girl who decides to kill herself after being subjected to abuse, physical assaults and humiliation by her classmates. Before she does this, Hannah decides to record 13 reasons why on 7 tapes, in which she accuses her persecutors one by one, and has the tapes delivered to them. The series is proving to be very successful, and it seems almost unbelievable that this is Katherine’s first role. Before this, she had only featured in Daughter, a film that was selected for Cannes Film Festival, but that hadn’t been so successful with audiences.

Kat is only 20 years old and comes from beautiful Perth, on the Australian coast. After a short professional career as a swimmer — she was a national champion many times — she decided to try her hand with the show business, after watching Lady Gaga perform. According to critics, she is one of the actors we should be watching in 2017. Why is everyone focusing on a rookie actress, then? The answer is that the people who worked with her, as well as industry insiders, seem to think that Kat is a true professional: she showed dedication when shooting, and even more so when she was preparing for the role. Imagine that, in order to look as believable as possible, Katherine decided to work with a psychologist, in order to understand more clearly how the mind of a hurt, socially excluded young woman would work. This kind of professional attitude is quite rare in a girl her age!

This attention to detail tells us a lot about what kind of person Kat is: somebody who is entirely dedicated to her profession. Her private life is currently only made of the many coworkers who became friends, and of a lot of professional success. Love can wait, although considering her beauty, it will be hard to fend off the legions of fans who have fallen or will fall for her in the future. If this is how she is starting out, we really can’t imagine what the future will bring for this talented girl!

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