When we saw she is 25 years old, we thought we found a mistake in Wikipedia: how can a girl this young have such an exceptional career? Her name is Kaya Scodelario, she is our WCW of the week, and she is the talk of town right now, after she was chosen as the female lead in the new episode of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Kaya was born in London in 1992, and the cultural mix in her blood is one of her strong points: her father is English, while her mother is Italian-Brazilian. She spent an occasionally challenging childhood in the suburbs of London — after her parents divorced, Kaya went through one of the roughest patches of her life. Due to her dyslexia, whose side effects permeated all of her childhood, she was often bullied and isolated by her classmates, and this brought her to withdrawing into herself.

This high barrier between her and the world brought a lot of solitude into Scodelario’s life, and enrolling into her first acting class was her way to try to smash that wall. It was during this time of rebirth that she got the chance of a lifetime, joining the cast of the TV show Skins, at only 14. As could be easily predicted, this experience was essential for the young British actor’s career, since a lot of directors asked to work with her after that experience: just to name a few, she featured in Clash of Titans, The Truth About Emanuel, with Jessica Biel, in Maze Runner (which was so successful that there is a sequel in the workings, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, in theaters in 2018) and, as we mentioned previously, she was in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, as Carina Smyth. So, do you agree with us? Doesn’t she have an incredible career, with so many high-profile roles under her belt at only 25?

She is a rising star in cinema, but looking at her Instagram profile, we found out that Kaya also seems to be passionate for fashion. In addition to being featured in a string of editorials on the most important magazines in the world, Scodelario likes to dress well, and she loves being photographed on the red carpet, wearing dream gowns.

Briefly speaking of Kaya’s personal life, we found out that that’s also going really well: she got married in December 2015 with American actor Benjamin Walker, and they had their first child shortly after that, in 2016. She is a wife, a mother, and a major actor… Well done, Kaya!

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