Have you ever tasted the sweet taste of payback? We are pretty sure that Khoudia Diop did. The 19-year-old model was a victim of bullies throughout school, where she was mistreated to the point of not feeling welcome. Why, you ask? Because of her dark skin, that her classmates considered too dark to be attractive. Luckily, though, Khoudia is one of the strong people out there, who manage to be tougher than the nasty people who attack them, and who are determined not to be dragged down by mean words being directed at them, or get depressed. At only 19, this young woman didn’t just manage to prove her worth, she actually even became a very popular, famous model — her bullies must be eating their heart out, now, since their behavior didn’t land her on her bed, crying herself to sleep… Quite the opposite, actually. Khoudia Diop’s story is inspirational for many, especially for the many people who are struggling with racism. This is why we chose Khoudia as our WCW of the week, and we wish to tell her this, from the very bottom of our hearts: Khoudia, you are beautiful!

All the photos are taken from Khoudia Diop Instagram profile

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