Super short hair, hardly — or any — makeup and a very boyish look: Li Yuchun, a.k.a. Chris Lee, is a Chinese idol and a spokesperson for a cultural revolution that is completely turning Asian beauty ideals upside down. This is why Diesel made her its ambassador for its #GoWithTheFlaw campaign, which encourages all to reconsider how they see their flaws, as characteristics that make them unique. Diesel designed a capsule collection with Li for the campaign, featuring ripped denim, and hiding messages of encouragement to love ourselves the way we are.
Li Yuchun originally shot to fame as a singer, when she won the TV show contest Super Girl, but she is also an actress: in 2009, she starred in Bodyguard and Assassins, her first movie, for which she also wrote an original soundtrack; in 2012, she was one of the main actors in The Guillotines.

Chris Lee — Li Yuchan — has an incredibly active, predominantly female fan base that sees her as a role model for an unconventional beauty ideal. This shot her to worldwide fame, winning her an MTV Award on the way. Her unconventional style caught on in the fashion and beauty industry, too: Karl Lagerfeld photographed her for his book The Little Black Jacket, celebrating the iconic tweed jacket designed by Chanel, while Givenchy picked her for its Fall Winter 2015 campaign.

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