If we try to imagine a perfect professional life, our thoughts go very quickly to Lily James, no doubt about it! The British actress stunned everyone lately, by accomplishing in a year more than what some of our colleagues needed three or four years for, and becoming therefore very popular for historical dramas, such as Downton Abbey, War and Peace, Pride and Prejudice and zombie, as well as zombie-themed ones. Despite 27-year-old Lily admitting to loving playing historical roles, even though it takes her about 40 minutes to get dressed everyday, audiences mainly discovered her when she played Cinderella, and collectively fell in love with her. Cinderella is a positive role that is very good for her character, since Lily is also naive, in love and a bit of a dreamer, just like Cinderella! She also showed her sultrier side in her latest project, related to her other dream job: working in fashion! Burberry chose her as testimonial for its new fragrance, My Burberry Black, and showed the world her more charming side. And we were also definitely bewitched! This is why we dedicated our WCW post and our gallery to her this week!

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