COPElupita12 Years a Slave is the movie that led the 32-year-old winner of an Academy Award, Lupita Nyong’o, to fame. Right after the magical night of the Oscars, in fact, the actress of Kenyan origins was showered with awards and recognitions, among which, the Golden Globe and BAFTA nominations, besides being named the most beautiful woman of 2014 by People magazine. An unexpected planetary success that doesn’t end here! After having interpreted the role of an alien in Star Wars. The Force Awakens, the fresh news is that she’s also been selected as the protagonist of director Steven Spielberg’s new movie. A sci-fi thriller entitled Intelligent Life. The young actress will play a mysterious woman, maybe an alien (once again!), that will make the male protagonist -we still don’t know the name of- fall in love. Waiting to see this movie, we wish our Woman Crush Wednesday the best of luck!

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  • wow, thanks for sharing so many pics of her, she’s so stunning and her smile is epic

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