If you’re Riverdale fans, you probably hate her in the same measure as you find her stunning and sexy. Madelaine Petsch is the bad girl in the best loved teen drama right now after 13 Reasons Why, and the character she plays has quickly become the most popular of them all.

But even though Madelaine (or rather Cheryl Blossom) is cruel and manipulative, everybody loves her, and she is definitely starting to emerge as a film star. Madelaine is 23, a Leo (her birthday is 18 August 1994), and a redhead. She was born in LA but she moved to South Africa with her family at the age of 8, and she didn’t return to California until she was 18 and set on becoming an actress. Ever since she was little, Madelaine had already decided her life would unfold in one of two places – either on a stage or in front of a camera: when she was 3, she started putting up performances for her parents and practising dancing regularly, which made her body graceful and agile.
In 2015 her career started properly, as she acted in scifi movie The Hive and in the TV series Instant Mom, which brought her talent to the attention of bigger projects and led her to be cast as Cheryl in Riverdale. In the series, Cheryl is absolutely despicable, but Madelaine is the complete opposite! She’s kind, honest, and super nice to her friends on set (to the point where she apologizes when she has to be mean during shooting!)
But if in terms of personality, Madelaine and Cheryl are two worlds apart, the same cannot be said of their styles: Cheryl has definitely taught Madelaine one thing or two when it comes to bold colors, and especially make up (namely lipstick); even though her red carpet style is usually filled with nude hues, such as the one in which she was awarded the Choice Hissy Fit for her role as Cheryl. That night, her plus one was her boyfriend, rapper Travis Mills: they’ve been together for a while, and it would appear that Madelaine has a soft spot for musicians, since she used to date Aaron Carter!
We will see her soon in the second season of Riverdale as well as in Polaroid, a horror movie in which evil looms in the form of a camera with mysterious properties… say cheese!

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