May I have your attention please? Get pen and paper, and write down this name if you’re among the few who still don’t know it: Millie Bobby Brown. Why, you ask? Well, because this actress, born in 2004 — yes, right, your eyes are not fooling you, she is only 12 and the world already adores her — recently shot to fame thanks to her role as Eleven in Stranger Things, the über-popular Netflix thriller series set in the 1980s. Her role is not at all easy for a child actor, and yet, Millie impressed everyone with her acting skills, perfectly playing the role of a peculiar child with supernatural powers, so much so that she even completely shaved her hair off for the role — something that not so many teenagers might be comfortable with. Although everyone is focusing on her Stranger Things role, this is not her first experience, as Bobby Brown already appeared in other shows, such as Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, in which she played young Alice, as well as Grey’s Anatomy and Intruders. If she is already unstoppable now, at only 12, we do not dare imagine what she will be accomplishing in a few years! Ah, guys, by the way: as if her acting talent was not enough already, she also has a wonderful singing voice. We say well done to her and her parents, and wrap up with an important question: any leftover DNA from the family we can steal??? 🙂
Good luck, little Millie!

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