If you are around 30, you will probably remember the TV show that made all kids dream, all over the world. We are talking aboutthe young colorful heroes we all knew as the Power Rangers. Let’s be honest, Kimberly the Pink Ranger was probably one of your favorite characters, wasn’t she? Nowadays, the TV show has been turned into a film that is being released just now, and guess who is our Woman of the week? Naomi Scott, the British girl who plays the Pink Ranger.
Naomi is 24 and she was born in a London suburb, from an Ugandan mum and an English dad, and she is one of the many actresses we should be keeping an eye on right now. Even though wider audiences know her as an actress — she debuted in a few Disney features — Scott also has another strong, powerful passion that turned into a profession over time: music. Naomi started singing, becoming an important member of her hometown choir when she was only a kid; her innate talent and her angelic voice struck everyone, including her parents, who signed her up for piano lessons at 15. Her instrument-playing skills and her voice soon bore fruit, and that is how Naomi ended up releasing 2 albums already, one in 2014 and one last year.
Music is everything for this young woman: it describes who she really is, also because she writes all the lyrics of her songs. Two strong passions, then, that became professions this young woman truly excels at, thanks to her determination and willpower. When asked what she prefers between music and acting, she answers like a true artist: “if you put your heart into what you really do, it is impossible to choose.”
Her personal life is also working out very well, even if she doesn’t like sharing that much about it online or on social networks. Naomi has been married to English football start Jordan Spence for the past three years: they plan to share their lives together, and they are hoping to have a baby soon who would be the icing on the cake for this magical relationship. Finding our WCW of the week was like discovering a new gem, and we are happy to introduce her to you.

(Watch the music video about Naomi’s performance, after the gallery)

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