Olivia O’ Brien is our Woman Crush of the week. Her name might be new to you, but we are pretty sure you already sang along to her sweet song. At only 17, this girl recorded  i hate u, i love u, together with Gnash, who discovered her thanks to a cover version she had uploaded on SoundCloud. The video went viral in just a few days, making her one of the most listened voices right now: her single climbed up to number 10 in the Billboard Hot 100  char, and got to number 1 in Australia, not to mention the amount of monthly listeners on Spotify.

Born in California in 1999, the young singer-songwriter already had very clear ideas as a kid, and could already play the guitar and the piano at 7. Without ever giving up on her dream, she grew up feeding her talent and her love for music until she made her dream come true, becoming a professional musician. Her grit pushed her to look for the spotlight, recording and posting her music online every day, and this was how she became famous so quickly. If there is something new generations can master, that is exploiting technology to showcase their talent! It’s a democratic method which, as it did in Olivia’s case, rewards innate talent.

This girl, with deep, wide eyes, loves to think that her voice can be with others every day who find themselves in the same situation she was in: Olivia wrote the song at 15 after her boyfriend broke up with her. Music is the sweetest cure, she knows, and she wrote a lot of other tracks, such as Trust Issues, Root Beer Float, Find What You’re Looking For and Empty, her latest single.

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