We featured celebrity kids very often in this section, and that is because they really seem to be dominating the scene in so many fields. That said, writing about the child of an absolute myth like Michael Jackson still feels pretty special: Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, this is her full name, turned 19. After spending her childhood and teenage years away from the media, this young woman has decided to shoot for the stars. In the past year, the king of pop’s daughter started making more and more frequent public appearances, spending time with famous people like the Hadid sisters, and sitting in the front row at the most coveted shows during fashion week. All this exposure got fashion maisons to notice her beauty, which had been kept under wraps until now. After that, everything went very fast: there are rather reliable rumors that she will be the new face of a Chanel campaign. Paris is light blonde, has clear blue eyes and pale skin… We really see very little of her father Michael in her! But, how was it to grow up as a legend’s daughter, we wonder? If you expect her to have had a childhood full of excesses, well, think again: Paris’s childhood was very normal, attending school and playing with her little siblings, although yes, Neverland might not be the most common of places to grow up in! When her father died in 2009, a difficult time started for little Paris, a time that was also made of extreme, painful events. That negative time of her life is now just a bad, faraway memory, now — Paris has managed to fight back, and nobody can stop her now.
After the fashion world, the show business has also showed some interest in this young blonde, which is why she will have a special role in the popular TV series “Star.” So, she worked as a model and now she will be an actress, too! And that’s not all: our WCW seems to be a true princess of social networks among people her age, with a million followers and an IG profile documenting her new life. Everything seems to be going right, it’s a great moment for her! The only problem is she is going through a rough patch with her long-time boyfriend, Michael Snoddy, but we really hope they make it through, since they are such a beautiful, harmonious couple. Let’s stay a star is about to be born… Or maybe it was born, already! Isn’t it a relief to think that the Jackson dynasty is not finished yet?

All the photos are taken from Paris Jackson Instagram official profile

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