With her blonde, curly hair and her 1970s style, Petra Collins would have all it takes to be Gucci’s perfect muse, and she was on the catwalk at their show, after all. Petra also has a very bold attitude, that we love so so much. This ambivalence is fully expressed in this 24-year-old’s work: she started out as a (mostly fashion) photographer, and she was the curator of The Ardorous, a website that focuses on new female talent. She also published a book, Babe, which perfectly shows that sensuality and feminism can coexist, that they are not exclusive. Her work was recently recognized by a prestigious institution, as our beautiful Canadian was included by Forbes in its list of the 30 most influential under-30s, thanks to her talent as a photographer. Enjoy the galleries: her photos are truly exciting!

This is Petra:

These are her works:

All the photos are taken from Petra Collins Instagram profile

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