Hi all, we are talking to you from The Blonde Salad’s HQ, and we must confess to something: we are hopelessly, totally, desperately awaiting the second season of Stranger Things. We are looking for news about a possible release date, asking ourselves if Eleven will still be part of the group, curious about whether any new faces will join the cast. And that was how we stumbled upon Sadie Sink, the young, up and coming actress who will be one of the new main characters in the next season.

Sadie was born in Texas in 2002 — goodness, so young! — in a family of limited means, and she has a younger sister whom she loves unconditionally. Despite her very young age, her role in Stranger Things will not be her first acting role. Our nerdiest readers might remember this little girl, her flame-red hair and her happy-go-lucky attitude from other TV shows that are mostly famous Stateside, such as American Odyssey, Blue Bloods, The Americans, The Bleeder and The Audience, in which she played young Queen Elizabeth.

Let us say that, at only 15, little Sadie Sink already has an enviable career. After playing Max in one of the most awaited TV shows of the year, nothing will stop her anymore. Max will be a tomboy kind of character, with a complicated, odd personality. How will she relate to the boys we already got to know from season one? Wow, we just can’t wait to find out. Actually, Sadie, if you happen to be reading: how much longer do we need to wait?

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