Senza titolo-2At only 19, hailing from Texas, Sasha Lane‘s story is definitely unique: read on if you want to find out what’s so special. Basically, until a few months ago, Sasha was an ordinary girl, like everyone else, living a regular life, with a waitressing job in a Mexican restaurant. This young American girl was really just living the standard life of any teenager, until she decided to show up at a casting, just for fun. After signing up, and being cast, she immediately charmed film director Andrea Arnold, who picked her for her new movie thanks to her dreadlocks, and her grungy style. Sasha left university, and decided to go for gold in this new world. In American Honey, she plays the main role of a troubled teenager, who joins a peer group with the same troubles as hers.

It’s the story of a trip packed with partying, little misdeeds and love stories. Her co-stars in the movie are Riley Keough, with whom she has become good friends off-screen, and Shia LaBeouf, with whom she may have had, or be having, a romance — there are conflicting versions of that story. Either way, this movie brought her fame among a wider audience, and gave her the opportunity to go to Cannes Festival this year, with her co-stars. While waiting to watch her on the silver screen, we wish her  a great career and we are sure that our Woman Crush Wednesday wishes will bring her good fortune!

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