I always wondered what it must feel like when Time magazine lists you among the most influential teenagers in the world when you’re only 14. This would be my first question for new Disney star and WCW of the week Skai Jackson.

These lists should always be taken with a grain of salt, because if they make you even more popular on the one hand, they put a lot of pressure on you on the other — perhaps too much, pressure if you’re just a teenager. Luckily, our WCW’s parents were by her side, and they took good care of her, protecting her from excessive media attention!
Skai’s parents are pretty used to dealing with the media, after all: Skai’s career started pretty early, when she was 5 to be precise, with a supporting role in Liberty Kid, in 2007. This experience was followed by many others as a supporting actress, once again, as she did in The Rebound and The Smurfs, in which she worked as a voice actress for a football fan. She finally really shot to success in 2011, starring as Zuri Ross in Disney Channel series Jessie, successful worldwide. This last role was very important for Skai, as it helped her grow professionally, making her one of the most sought after girls in America.

Skai has more surprises up her sleeve, though, because the 15-year-old’s Instagram feed — which has the incredible amount of 3 million followers — shows Skai’s love for fashion, and she’s already been featured in a few editorials, posing while wearing the latest collection of famous brands. And not only: Skai grabbed all attention at the latest NYFW, where she was sitting in the front row at many shows, including Opening Ceremony, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Coach, Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs, her favorite designer.
We are curious to see what she will be wearing next time we spot her on the red carpet!

All the images in the gallery are taken from Skai Jackson’s Instagram profile


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