Tessa Thompson, our WCW of the week, has been under the spotlight so much lately that we are pretty sure you haven’t missed her on social media or on the press. A few examples? First, Variety listed her as one of the 10 actors to watch, and Elle USA picked her for one of the 8 covers that celebrate the women of 2017!  The question is, for the few of you who might not yet know who she is: who is this woman, and what did she do to make the news so often? Read to find out!

Tessa was born in California 34 years ago, in a very artistic family. Both her grandfather and her father were well-known musicians in the US, and Tessa inherited their beautiful voice: she’s been the main singer of a band called Caught A Ghost for years. This may be why Tessa didn’t have a hard time getting used to the showbiz like it often happens to other young people. She got into theater during high school, and theater went on to become her greatest passion: she was in a lot of stage productions, and she developed unconditional love for Shakespeare’s work. After a few intense years, she was offered a role on TV show Veronica Mars: this made her pretty popular pretty quickly, and got her a role in a few episodes on Grey’s Anatomy later on.

After these experiences, Tessa focused on cinema, and she got a role in the seventh instalment and spin-off of the Rocky Balboa series, Creed. The film industry really went crazy about Tessa only lately, though, as we said before: Tessa is currently starring as the main character in two films that are out now, Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Infinity War. Both films showed Tessa’s skills to the world, as well as her style — and she showed class and elegance on red carpets worldwide, too! Who knows, we might see her in a fashion campaign next!

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