Film director Zoe Lister-Jones recently noted in an interview that our society is good at talking, but what we actually need is facts. With this statement (and its political subtext), this week’s WCW gives us a glimpse into her big new project and her very special first film as a director, Band Aid.

A 34-years-old Brooklyn native, Zoe got a head start (with the support of her parents) in the show business at a very young age. She began acting then and has yet to stop, though she’s quite talented as a musician as well: she plays the guitar, and is a pretty good singer too. She’s famous for her roles in both films and TV series, such as Law & Order and New Girl. But after a long time acting, as it often happens, she needed a new challenge: for this reason, Zoe dipped her toes into a different art – that of screenwriting, first with lesser known films, and now with this new big project as a director.

Of course the show business professionals are all into Zoe’s new career as a film director, but what the media are particularly fond of is her decision to hire an all-women team. In other words: this week’s WCW’s crew is entirely made up of female professionals, who hare responsible for the entire project, from sound to filming. Not only did she demonstrate that women are as good as it gets at even the most practical, manual jobs in the industry, but she sent a feminist message and brought attention to the issue of gender discrimination that is still going strong on the workplace.

This is just one of the reasons why Zoe is understandably proud of her work, another being the story she tells in her movie, which she’s also written herself. Band Aid tells the story of Anna and Ben, who after spending a long time together as a couple find themselves fighting all the time. Anna then comes up with an idea: why not turn our arguments into music? Anna and Ben thus create a band, with unforeseen results. To find out how the story ends (and to support this all-women project), you’ll have to watch the movie!

PS: If you’re wondering if this accomplished, busy woman is in a relationship – yes, she is! She’s been married to her coworker Daryl Wein since 2013. What a lucky guy, uh?

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