So, fashion month, which showcased the Spring Summer 2017 collections, is officially over. So many clothes that made us dream, so many accessories that we want, and so many shoes we can’t wait to buy. Many, of each of these. There were also a lot of models who gave their best on the catwalk in those few minutes: some were famous, and already used to the lights of fame and photographers snapping photos of them, others were inexperienced, yet they did very well and kept up with their more famous counterparts. Our usual WCW will split into 6 parts this week, to tell you about the 6 new models we loved the most. So watch out for their faces, and write down their names!


Tami Williams: her beauty will be very hard to ignore: her Jamaican roots and her eyes, like a gem on her already perfect, statuesque body. The best looks we saw her in this year were at the Balmain and Valentino shows.

Mayka Merino: this young Spanish model was spotted pretty much everywhere this month. Her self-assured, quirky beauty slowly turned her into a favorite of ours for the season. Her best Spring Summer 2017 looks were at Rodarte and Marco de Vincenzo.

Roos Abels: every hour sees her Instagram following grow, just like our admiration. She is tall, has  ash-blonde hair and a very respectable mentor, Gigi Hadid, whom she befriended, and with whom she was photographed many times over the past few weeks. She is just about to become very famous, we’re pretty sure of that. Her best looks this season were Fay and Prabal Gurung.

Mayowa Nicholas: move over for this Nigerian beauty, everyone! Her determined gaze, her proud gait and her beautiful smile — mostly visible outside of the catwalk — were enough to land her in our top 5. Her most beautiful looks this season were at the Michael Kors and Etro shows.

Chiara Corridori: an all-Italian beauty who already was the talk of town during the last Haute Couture season. We chose her for her girl-next-door looks and her perfect posture, which stayed with her after her time training as a ballerina. Her best looks this season: Elisabetta Franchi and Vionnet.

Leila Goldkuhl: she is probably the most known of this list, but we picked her anyway because it really was her season! Super blonde (even if for this month she opted for brown hair), former contestant on America’s Next Top Model and that space between her teeth we like so much! Also, the star of our interview (link). Her best looks this season: Elie Saab and Paul Smith.

What do you think? Did we make a good choice?

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