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  • Great pictures. I can not wait for my vacation in Italy. I hope to bring a lot of pictures.

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    Le foto sono strepitose! Le scelte sono impeccabili! Adoro soprattutto Sophia Loren che fa la pizza, la campagna D&G nel sud Italia, e Bianca Balti 🙂

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    J’adore !!!! Trop italien, la dolce vita 🙂

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    Sophia Loren was probably the only actress who was made ugly to play a role /in that film with Marcelo Mastroyani in fascist Italy/, but was still beautiful and captivating. And Claudia Cardinale in “Once upon a time in the West” – who would forget her eyes! And Bianca Balti!!! But for me Bella Italia is also the interesting books I have read /unfortunately in English translation/ The Conformist /Il Conformista/ by Alberto Moravia, The Conscience of Zeno /La Coscienza di Zeno/ by Italo Svevo, The name of the rose/Il nome de la rosa/ by Umberto Eco, etc.

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  • Immagini e foto dal look retrò sono tra le migliori fonti di ispirazione, e non solo nella moda!


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  • Love the inspirational pictures, it totally goes with the vibe from your last post 🙂

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