mobamaShe is not just the First Lady of the United States, she is also an inspiring woman for many many reasons; starting from her commitment in the promotion of a healthy nutrition and the right to women’s education, to her strong sense of style for which she never gets an outfit wrong. Michelle Obama just ended her European tour that included Italy, where with her daughters she gave lessons of heathy cooking and elegance. The First Lady is in fact known to be great at mixing up-and-coming designers, low cost and luxury brands, showing how fabulous one can be, even without spending a fortune 😉


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    she is an inspiring woman,always presentable

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    Lovely, classic and classy our First Lady ! J’Dore!

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  • She just brings a huge grin on my face every time I see her in a photo! I’m so impressed how she does both high end designers and off the rack retail clothes–so so versatile and confident! What a true inspiration both for her worldwide contributions and her style! xo

    adorn la femme

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    Love everything!!! Michelle is an inspiration

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