Jurij Gagarin, born exactly 81 years ago, was the first man to journey into outer space and to admire the curvature of the Earth in all its limitless beauty, over boundaries and frontiers. His mission was to orbit around the planet and it last more or less an hour. He was the first to do what generations of people had dreamed of, the first to pave the way into space for all mankinds future explorations. The new era was the main cue for moviemakers, music producers, artists and fashion designers: like André Courrèges, who redesigned the female silhouette and flashed it in a further yet futuristic galaxy, or Paco Rabanne, which became iconic with his Barbarella costumes, the 1968 movie that inspired fashion for years. Even today it inspires shows, catwalks and runways: like the FW15 H&M show, where Caroline De Maigret walked in a silver onesie with a space helmet in one hand and a retro-futuristic walkietalkie in the other. Astronomers have always looked further and further into the dark star studded night, so what are you waiting for? Are you ready for the space invasion??

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