A lot of patience, a professional or a friend with a firm hand and an artistic soul: these are the essential ingredients for Fall Winter 2015 beauty routine, which calls for hands that can attract attention in the same way and even more than clothing. The key word? Nail Art, which focuses on geometric shapes and clean lines for original manicures, perfect for everyday life and with every look. 3 of the ideas that can be copied from the catwalks of New York.

Rebecca Minkoff by Essie Professional. A light pink foundation (Mademoiselle by Essie) and two more colors to play around with the lines: the designer has decided to match the two colored nail polishes with dresses from the collection, but it’s possible to match whatever pantone you like, according to your taste and the occasion. A suggestion? If you’re not an expert, wait for the nail polish to dry properly and apply the other one using small adhesive stripes to protect what you have already done: you will avoid having to start over in case you make any mistakes.

Wes Gordon by Essie Professional. In this case it’s a game of opaque and shiny and the trick is to match two tones of the same color: in the Wes Gordon fashion show it is purple,  but also in this case the interpretation is up to you (why not a classic red, or, anticipating the trend of Spring Summer 2015, two shades of light blue?). A touch of top coat is what completes the endeavor. Easy, right?

Opening Ceremony by CND World. The inspirations for this fashion show were cinema and photography, also themes for the nail art pieces made by the CND World team. Probably a bit too difficult to emulate at home (especially the film frames!) but certainly very effective, and it must be rigorously semi-permanent to enjoy the results for at least twenty days.

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