Lucky magazine cover issue Chiara Ferragni

I feel so “lucky” 🙂 ….. I’m the cover girl of Lucky Magazine which is in stands now.
See the video and let me know what do you think about the story!

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Lucky Magazine’s February cover story

138 Responses to “Lucky Magazine Cover – February 2015”

    I also noticed that you talk about being on the cover as if you were the only one there when you are actually sharing it with two other bloggers. Totally amazed at your over inflated ego!

    Reply to Gracia

    Chiara you sound really stupid next to the other two girls when you speak in English

    Reply to Gracia
  • Honestly I am so thrilled for you Chiara, you are paving the way for bloggers. I admire your work ethic and drive, you are amazing!!!

    With love from Hollywood,
    Kier Mellour

    Reply to Kier
  • You are so faboulus!!! I admire everything of you. Your tenacity is the mostimportant!!!! I invite you to pass to my blog to show you my lifestyle and recive any advice!! besossss

    Reply to Estefania
  • You ladies look incredible!

    I love your blogs, they have been an inspiration to start mine and you should be super proud of them.

    Beautiful, intelligent women 🙂

    All the best from London,

    Hayley x

    Reply to Hayley Appleford

    you ladies are really digital fashion rockstars! Hello, from the Philippines.

    Reply to mk

    You all look great!! I love the photos, and the styling is perfection!

    MY BLOG:

    Reply to Sofia
  • Congratulations ! Well done that is so awesome

    Reply to Diane
  • Dear Chiara,

    I love this video you look gorgeous as usual! Congratulations for what you achieved and for sure the best is still yet to come!

    xx from Paris


    Reply to Raphaëlle Leboeuf

    You all look so colorful and happy and the fashions are really nice. Love the collar on the left and the texture on the right…and the nice horizontal colors in the middle (cover)….

    Reply to Sam Port

    Such a great accomplishment! Dream moment right here! You gals look great!

    Reply to melissa
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