Goodmorning guys! Today is a very special day for me: I’m super proud and happy to tell you that I will be the cover girl of Vogue España April issue! This is my first Vogue cover ever and I can’t really tell you how much I’m thrilled about it… Here are some pics on preview for you: the magazine will be out in the stands on March the 20th, don’t forget to share your picture with the cover using the hashtag #ChiaraVogueCover. Let me know what you think ♥


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192 Responses to “Vogue España Cover – April 2015”

    I have it! You look perfect <3 kisses from Poland

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  • Congratulations! May there be lots of Vogue covers to come in the future!:)

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    I like your cover Chiara and your sensibility for diffrent mood!!!!

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    Complimenti per le foto, davvero belle. Posso sapere il nome del fotografo? grazie !

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    Bellissime le foto. Congratulazioni chiara

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  • Hi Chiara, just want to congratulate you with the Vogue cover. You look amazing and deserve it. Also I find it really cool of Vogue to have the courage to put a blogger on the cover of the magazine. I guess worlds are starting to unite. 🙂 Have a great day!

    Reply to Floor | www.jadepillar.com

    And hold him on a LEASH, like the dogs 😀
    That would be so mean 😀 (joking) 😀

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  • This is a dream come true! Congratulations on landing the cover of Vogue España. What was the most memoable part about that shoot for you?

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    Amazing pictures! Love them!

    But where is your slave behind you in the second picture, waving a palm frond… or one feeding you with grapes?? :D:D
    That would have completed the picture 😀


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  • An Amazing achievement! I’m a new fan 🙂

    Congrats again, Alina x

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    Aww congratulations ! I am so proud of you, it’s such a dream for every women to be on a Vogue cover !

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  • […] Chiara Ferragni, uma italiana de 27 anos, está nas bocas (e bancas) do mundo e pode ensinar muito sobre como gerir uma marca de sucesso. Fundadora e autora do blog “The Blonde Salad“, é a primeira blogger a estar na capa da conceituada Revista Vogue. […]

  • Amazing cover! I’ve posted my take on PFW already! Come and have a look!

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  • I think it is amazing and I am so excited for you! The cover looks great, you nailed it, of course. Excited to see Vogue giving such recognition to a blogger and self starter.
    xx Jenelle


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    Congratulations! You´re amazing Chiara

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  • Congrats on Vogue Espana and the cover. So happy for you and they captured great pictures of you.


    Instagram: stylishlyinlove
    Twitter: stylishlyinlove

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    This is a wonderful honor for you but also as VogueSpain acknowledges, for the over 3 million followers that put you on the cover of Vogue. The cover and third photo are great. I’m very anti-real fur so I can’t applaud the second shot (no wonder those dogs look nervous.) A real achievement for you and for your TBS Crew.

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  • Oh wow that second photo with all the dogs is so Damn amazing it’s not even funny

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  • Oh wow that second photo with all the dogs is so Damn amazing it’s not even funny

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  • Wow wow wow! Houge congrats Chiara, nothing says you’ve made it like being on the cover of Vogue! What an accomplishment for you but for all of us fashion bloggers as well, hard work pays off, well done, so proud!! 😉 xoxo



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    That’s HUUUUGE!! Congrats Chiara, well deserved Vogue cover (and all the rest). Wishing you all the best!

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  • wow chiara, that’s why i love you so much
    you have done a great job in your short life

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    Nice to see the world what I recognize every day here.

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  • Congrats! This is such a remarkable feat for bloggers everywhere. Shows how much this industry is growing 🙂

    I’m an NYC fashion, food and lifestyle blogger. Check my page for inspiration. Would love to collaborate with other bloggers!


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    You are such an inspiration. Bravo!

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    absolutely beautiful and you should be really proud of yourself

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  • wow chiara, thats amazing! congrats, you can be so proud of you and your team. the blonde salad really never stops 🙂

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  • Omg Chiara, you have achieved so many wonderful things! You are truly an idol especially for the young and passionate girls. You rock!!

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  • I bet the rest of the photos are as amazing as these! Brava! Good job!

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  • Wow just wow! This is absolutely amazing, congratulations for everything, 2015 is your year. I’ll be there to buy the magazine the first day 🙂 these photos are so fantastic, I can’t wait to see the whole article


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  • Bellissime foto, mi piace la giacca che indossi in copertina!

    Reply to Paola
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