I love New York. I love its energy and I love how It always makes me feel a different person.
Everytime I leave the city I feel a bit older, wiser, cooler.
I even loved it last February, when It was -15° and windy the whole time.
You know what they say “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere”?
Well, after New York Fashion Week I was more than ready for any new challenge.
Even shooting outside wearing nothing more than a tshirt 🙂

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NEW YORK, February 2015

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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108 Responses to “-15°”

  • Amazing black and white pics

    Love new York too



    Reply to Inna
  • I should move to store and get fresh skinny high jeans and dozen of white t-shirts… together with comfy shoes and little golden necklace it’s gonna rock this season!
    simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ;))

    Reply to prun

    This such a great casual outfit! we would love to collaborate with you! we have awesome looks that you would love at shop.cleobella.com

    Reply to Cleobella
  • Love this look Chiara, keep it up! Are you still coming to interview with me tomorrow?
    Also, I’ve recently finished my post on PFW!

    Reply to Mimi
  • to be minus 15 degrees you should be wearing a big coat, scarf, gloves… brrrrrrr!!!! I wouldn’t be able of living there.

    BTW, Congrats for the VOGUE spanish cover 😀

    Here my latest post, about Louboutin’s new strategy of reaching younger consumers by engaging them with a special Tribal inspired action in their website.



    Reply to Maria Geronico

    foto in stile carino ma Chiara troppo magra 🙁 perché non mettete le foto in formato grande? così la grafica è poco accogliente

    Reply to marina
  • I love how these pictures capture the ‘anything is possible’-vibe of new york! really inspiring!

    Reply to nicola
  • I really don’t know how you survived! Last february in NY taking my gloves off even for 5 minutes was so painful!!!
    Anyways, love the photos!
    Ambitieuse Paris

    Reply to Ylenia
  • this looks so nice!! i love reading your blog. especially since you go to soo many amazing places!! 🙂 xx Anna

    Reply to anna
  • Wow now that is bravery, I remember being in New York last January and it was -10 that was cold enough! Great shots though, I love that hat, it just radiates new York to me. Wonderful post.

    If you have a chance come enter my giveaway!




    Reply to Emily
  • Amazing shooting, these photos are really beautiful and I like the messege that you want to transmit. The view is breahtaking, adore NYC so much, it’s the most magic city in the world

    Reply to Miss Key
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