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My 3 days at the lake Garda in photos, some of them captured with my Nikon and other ones with iphone 🙂 With me Richi, Carolina, Mattias and of course Matilda!

I miei 3 giorni al lago in fotografie, in parte catturate con la mia Nikon ed in parte con l’iphone 🙂 Insieme a me Richi, Carolina, Mattias e naturalmente Matilda!

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My dad windsurfing and then with me at the lake (first appereance of him on the blog maybe?)

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New bikinis: wearing a Yamamay one (and the one in the icecream cup is by Jennipie)

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With the Glamour tshirt and a huge new hat

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Shoes I brought to the lake: Zara sandals, Chiara Ferragni shoes, Bernardo hanmade sandals and new Tory Burch flats

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Wearing Jennipie and then sequined Yamamay bikini

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Wearing Storets top, Tommy Hilfiger denim jeans, Celine sunglasses and Alexander McQueen ring

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