One word: CHANEL. There’s a dream in this word, a dream that began when I was only 16, when my mother gave me for the first time, one of her favorite handbags, the Chanel Double Flap. This was my first important bag, and it always meant a lot to me. It’s the same handbag I wore at my first Chanel Fashion Show. I will never forget how excited I was… I relived that same feeling in Paris during this Fashion Week, spending an entire day in the Chanel Universe. I woke up very early in the morning to get ready for the Maison’s  show…Hair, makeup…. After the show I went to the new shop ( completly dedicated to Make up)  in Rue Saint- Honoré (a shop I’m going to write about next week, so stay tuned!) and then Rue Cambon, where the historical Chanel Boutique is. The apartment of Mademoiselle is still there, and I had the pleasure to visit it… It was like a dream: the mirrored staircase from where Coco Chanel spied on the audiences reactions during her presentations, the armchair where she was usually portrayed, everything was like I was imagining, actually a little better. It was incredible being able to sit on the same sofa where artists such as Dalì or Picasso sat, looking at pictures of her and of the people she loved… The presence of Mademoiselle Coco was so strong that I had the feeling that she was about to open the door, at any moment, come towards the sofa and sit right next to me  😉

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PARIS, March 2015

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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