One word: CHANEL. There’s a dream in this word, a dream that began when I was only 16, when my mother gave me for the first time, one of her favorite handbags, the Chanel Double Flap. This was my first important bag, and it always meant a lot to me. It’s the same handbag I wore at my first Chanel Fashion Show. I will never forget how excited I was… I relived that same feeling in Paris during this Fashion Week, spending an entire day in the Chanel Universe. I woke up very early in the morning to get ready for the Maison’s  show…Hair, makeup…. After the show I went to the new shop ( completly dedicated to Make up)  in Rue Saint- Honoré (a shop I’m going to write about next week, so stay tuned!) and then Rue Cambon, where the historical Chanel Boutique is. The apartment of Mademoiselle is still there, and I had the pleasure to visit it… It was like a dream: the mirrored staircase from where Coco Chanel spied on the audiences reactions during her presentations, the armchair where she was usually portrayed, everything was like I was imagining, actually a little better. It was incredible being able to sit on the same sofa where artists such as Dalì or Picasso sat, looking at pictures of her and of the people she loved… The presence of Mademoiselle Coco was so strong that I had the feeling that she was about to open the door, at any moment, come towards the sofa and sit right next to me  😉

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PARIS, March 2015

I was wearing:


Photos by Andrew Arthur

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  • I’m really curious about how you do your skin care, especially your face! It looks so flawless! Do you ever have done something like cosmetic medicine care?? Or it is the great result from Photoshop?(no offense, just kidding…) 😛

    Reply to Cecilia Huang

    This is so nice!! Looks like a great experience 🙂
    I love when YOU write stories and tell us a bit more about the pictures and the context instead of just showing pictures and no story..

    Reply to Lily
  • I literally felt your excitement throughout this post! What an amazing experience for you!!! The looks you wore were typically fab aswel 🙂 ..P.S I’m loving your Snapchat stories.. So fun 🙂 x

    Reply to Joanna - Runway Rogue
  • I like that you wrote a little bit more than usual in this post. You normally don’t as much anymore, and I’m glad you did here. You post a lot so I don’t expect you to always do that, but I would love to see more of your thoughts and feelings about life in general in the future. You have a cute and fun perspective on life that it would be great to see on this space.

    Also, I love the outfits you styled here, but I’m not totally loving the way the photos were shot. They seem to sort of wash out your beauty, instead of enhancing it.

    Duty Free Dame

    Reply to Duty Free
  • this looks so amazing!! chanel makes truly beautiful things

    Reply to anna
  • Wow, what a beautiful and wonderful experience to have! To be there were one of if not the biggest fashion icon created something completely new and special… Just amazing, thanks for sharing this experience with us!!



    Reply to Whitney

    Chiara what a wonderful post but Dalí has the accent to the other way jajajaj it’s Catalan

    Reply to Miguel
  • Loving those pictures! You look so classic yet so modern in them!

    Reply to Leesa

    Wow deve essere stata una bellissima esperienza

    Reply to Giulia
  • amazing experience

    i love how you take Chanel clothes and make it your own , your relax and natural style , love it 🙂

    Reply to kathe
  • Deve essere stato davvero un’esperienza straordinaria!
    poter vedere l’appartamento di Coco è un onore incredibile!

    Xo, Giada

    Reply to Giada
  • Chanel è classe, eleganza, praticità, simbolo della donna moderna, emancipata e indipendente. Sogno di poter indossare un completo in tweed da sempre, è la perfezione! Bellissimi entrambi i tuoi Look, quello in azzurrino ti sta divinamente, ti dona tantissima luce al viso 🙂
    Buona giornata e baci Chiara!


    Reply to Giulia
  • WOW! Those pictures are very preetty! I think blue looks fantastic on you Chiara! 🙂

    Very perfect for your color of eyes! WOW!

    Well done.


    Reply to CHRISTINA KEY
  • What an amazing experience! So jealous 🙂 I’m a big fan of Chanel, too. It’s a perfect mix of tradition and modernity.
    And I have to mention you look really beautiful in these pics Chiara! 🙂


    Reply to Joanna

    three words: you look great! Darling, that was a whole epos you’ve written, congratulations!

    Reply to valentin antonov

    Great photos, however I feel such an incredible experience of having a first hand glance at an icon’s world deserves a more detailed and more thought out explanation than such a small paragraph… I felt this portrayed more about you than Chanel….

    Reply to Nina
  • Wonderful outfits, the blue suit that you chose for the Chanel show is incredible, it’s really beautiful and so classic with your personal casual touchwith these sneakers. Adore the burgundy look, it’s pure Chanel and you look fabulous with it. Chanel is a dream.Wow that day was amazing, an unique experience, it’ll keep in your memorie forever.


    Reply to Miss Key
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