The Blonde Salad has been my house for over four and a half years: most of my life is now told through photos, words, projects and dreams.
For four and a half years I’ve been working on this website everyday, and It’s easy to see how much this blog changed my life. And I changed with it.
I grew up, I pushed myself over my limits, I tried to learn something everyday. And I tried to inspire people who were following my “story”: a story of a 22 years old who opened a blog, created her own team which became a second family, and started working with some new rules.
The Blonde Salad grows with me: this is its newer version, with more contents, stories and inspirations. Inspiring you to be the best version of yourself, to be open to changes, being loyal to your identity. To travel, discover, enlarge your views. To not be afraid of making mistakes. To write your own story, to make a difference with the smallest actions.
With the hope that this new The Blonde Salad can keep you company and, hopefully, excite you all.

The Blonde Salad è da quattro anni e mezzo la mia casa: gran parte della mia vita è raccontata attraverso le mie foto, le mie parole, i miei progetti, i miei sogni.
Da quattro anni e mezzo non esiste giorno in cui io non acceda a questo sito, ed è superfluo dire che questo blog mi ha cambiato la vita. E con “lui” sono cambiata io.
Sono cresciuta, mi sono spinta oltre quelli che sembravano i miei limiti, ho cercato di imparare ogni giorno di più. E di ispirare le persone che mi seguono tramite la mia “storia”: una storia di una 22enne che apre un blog, crea un team che diventa una seconda famiglia, e comincia a lavorare con delle nuove regole.

The Blonde Salad cresce con me: questa è la sua versione più nuova ed adulta, con più contenuti, più storie ed ancora più voglia di ispirare tutti voi. Ispirarvi a far cosa? A poter essere la versione migliore di voi stessi, a cambiare mantenendo la vostra identità. A viaggiare, scoprire, allargare i vostri orizzonti. A non aver paura di commettere errori. A scrivere la vostra storia, a fare la differenza anche tramite piccoli gesti.
Perchè questo nuovo The Blonde Salad possa accompagnarvi e, spero proprio, emozionarvi.

Chiara Ferragni New video

Video credits:
Production by TBS Crew and Bergquist Studio
Directed and Edited by Charles Bergquist
Music by Chet Faker “Cigarettes and Chocolate”
Hair and Make up by Stacey Hummel
Project Supervisor: Alessio Sanzogni
Project Assistant: Gregorio Capineri Tosetti
1st AD: Katrina Adair
1st AC: Brian Williamson
2nd AC: Andreea Florescu

142 Responses to “A New Beginning”

    Complimenti molto bello il video … È decisamente interessante il tuo blog! Ciao Fabiana

    Reply to Fabiana

    AMAZING! You really inspired me: i want to travel, try something new in my life. I will make my own diary of my life. Thank you, Chiara! You are my role model,my motivation! ♥

    Reply to Viktoria_Cat
  • It’s a good as well as very helpful item of information. I’m delighted you distributed this beneficial facts along with us. You should keep united states up-to-date in this way. Appreciate spreading.

    Reply to Youtube 1
  • Such a rad video. I wish you all the best on your new adventures and I’ll sure keep on following you!

    Jules x

    Reply to Jules

    seriously amazing and congrats! Ive been following you since day 1!

    Reply to YV

    amazing Chiara! you are my idol! 🙂 <3

    Reply to Shehla
  • bellissimo il nuovo sito e stupendo il video… la parte finale poi è speciale!!!!!

    Reply to Medusa

    chiara sei sbalorditiva sei il mio idolo ogni giorno controllo il blog per vedere se ce qualche novità sei migliore di una modella e grazie a pif che ti ho conosciuta e mi sei piaciuta tanto tanto tanto spero di incontrarti prima o poi!!!!!

    Reply to i love style
  • FINALMENTE! Brava Chiara era il momento di dare una rinfrescata al sito. Non vedo l’ora di vedere cosa bolle in pentola!
    Serena From NYC

    Reply to Serena
  • I have to say I am glad you made that change. Change is good and your platform needed a major update. Love your artistic identity, really amazing work. An inspiration I look up to visit more often. Xx

    Reply to Gabrielle
  • I’m so so happy for you. To see you grow as a person and blogger. To see you grow from a blogger to an entrepreneur and started your own team. Even though I didn’t followed you from the start but only about 2 years. In that 2 years, I learned so much from you and I am happy to see and able to share your success. Keep growing and keep being an inspiration to everyone! =)

    Reply to Diva In Me

    So obsessed, this is perfection. You truly are an inspiration.

    Reply to inspired
  • I really love your new version. But after so many years I will also miss the old one a little bit. I followed your blog nearly from your first post and sometimes I miss the times when it all began. With your improvised outfits, your personal stories and so on. But I guess I have changed as well and I’m glad your blog still exists and has become such a great source for inspiration.


    Reply to Julia

    Splendido. Mi piace tutto.

    Bravissimi ragazzi!

    Reply to Sofia

    Molto bello anche se la Home è un po’ troppo disordinata a mio parere, bravi comunque!

    Reply to CS
  • Le nostre più vive congratulazioni per la nuova avventura che hai intrapreso..
    Siamo felici di EMOZIONARCI per te.. con te.. e con tutte le persone che come noi ti apprezzano e ti seguono ogni giorno.
    Staff Caraibi Point

    Reply to Caraibi Point

    Dear Chiara
    Congratulations to you and TBS Crew 🙂
    The video is amazing and the new is awesome.
    YOU are a lovely, inspiring and strong lady.. love you so much
    Kisses from Iran

    Reply to Narges
  • Amazing. Congrats Chiara. U are the best and u r my favorite blogger in the world

    Reply to susush

    I’ve been following your journey since 2011 and wow, what a new milestone! Congrats on the new TheBlondeSalad! Love you always Chiara! You really are such an inspiration to us. xoxo♥

    Reply to Christine
  • Complimenti! New website looks amazing and the video is just beyond everything ! Top class ! I love the music and the whole idea !Good luck ! You are such an inspiration !


    Reply to Diana

    The video is a masterpiece:)

    Reply to m

    The video is amazing.
    The thing I admire the most is how well the TBS CREW works out after all these years.
    That point is a true inspiration !
    Well deserved you are a hard worker and so is Riccardo and the whole team.

    Reply to ANA
  • The new website is fantastic! You’re an inspiration, and always consistent. Continued growth and success to you, Chiara.

    Reply to Rachel Anne

    OMG, I loved!!! You’re my fave fashion blogger.

    Reply to Sheyla
  • Chiara,

    First of all, congrats on your new site and all that you have accomplished over the past few years with your team. While I love keeping up with you through here and on Instagram, my advice to you is not to forget the people who made you and your blog what they are today, your readers. What you do is amazing, but you could interact a little more with your readers every now and then. I understand that you are insanely busy, but at least a Q&A session every once in a while would be nice. But again, congratulations on another important milestone!


    Reply to I Showed Up In Boots
  • Meraviglioso Chiara!
    Si vede che questo blog è diverso, quasi un sito web!
    Professionale ed elegante!
    Avete fatto un ottimo lavoro 🙂


    Xo, Giada

    Reply to Giada
  • This is such amazing, Chiara. Like, really. I don’t normaly write here or anywhere but today I just have to. I want to congratulate you for all your success! I follow you since May 2010, so yeah just 6 month after you started all this adventure. I’ve grown up with you and I’ve seen you evolve into a major fashion inspiration all over the world and I’ve seen you become a lovely, inspiring and strong ladie you are. You have taught me to be proud of who I am, and to fight for what I want… to love myself and to believe in me at its fullest and I really appreciate you for that! You are such a role model for live your life the way you want to and to follow your dreams until you make them true! Thanks for that, beauty!
    So yeah, this message is just to say that I love you and that your life, the way you have grown TBS and what it has turned into should be something to teach in universities: you have just created an empire and I take off my hat to you because of that. CONGRATS DARLING! really, and to all your team! keep going! much love from Barcelona! xxx

    Reply to Meri Fg
  • Wow you’ve turned into an Americanized Barbie.

    Your crew did a really good job with the video, I have to admit. I read your blogs since you were the girl next door, studying in Milano. I think I kinda missed that turning point when suddenly it all changed, because next thing I know is you get invited by Louis Vuitton and all those big names haha Your story is a great success story though! It’s incredible how people can turn themselves into a brand.


    Reply to Phie

    You rock! Keep it on Chiara! You do inspire!

    Reply to Irina

    Sono molto contenta per te Chiara! Mi piace tanto il tuo sito! Il tuo stile e’ originale e sempre diverso,e il tuo blog e’ molto divertente ed interessante!
    Congratulazioni 🙂

    Reply to Camilla
  • Ad essere sincera non sono una di quelle tue fan super accanite, diciamo piuttosto che ti seguo in maniera critica e intelligente, ed arrivata a questo punto non posso che farti le mie congratulazioni e manifestarti davvero tutta la mia stima, perchè come persona sei riuscita a raggiungere i tuoi obbiettivi facendo quello che più ti piace.
    Ti auguro un nuovo inizio sfavillante.

    Mina, The Style Fever

    Reply to Mina Masotina

    Ciao Chiara, complimenti per il nuovo design del blog.. è bellissimo!
    Adoro le foto, le ispirazioni e ‘people’ 🙂


    Reply to Beatrice

    Chiara è meraviglioso questo nuovo sito!
    Amo il tuo stile, le foto, i consigli.
    Sono una ragazza olandese che abita in Italia, però vorrei tanto viaggiare per il mondo come te.
    Continua cosi!! Con tanto affetto, Samantha 🙂

    Reply to Samantha

    As usual i couldn’t be happier for you. Your blog is by far one of the best in the world. I just can’t understand why you unfollowed me 🙁 that’s fucking sad, i was so happy when you started following.

    Well, congrats!! xoxo, @nathaliecad

    Reply to Nathalie
  • I just love your new, clear layout. It shows who you are now, how you develop your blog and youself. Congratulations!

    Reply to Patrycja

    Love the clean chic look and more stories and looks easily accessible on the page! You look lovely in video as much as on photos! I’d imagine a video with a faster pace of music and visuals would suit your contemporary image better. (the video got a bit draggy towards the end.) Nonetheless, look forward to more chic videos coming from you & TBS crew! <3

    Reply to Ena

    Inizio facendoti i complimenti per il bellissimo nuovo sito che, stai certa, non ci deluderà. Secondo voglio fare i complimenti a te che ci rendi ogni giorno parte della tua vita sia con Instagram ma soprattutto con le tue “stories” e i tuoi pensieri, che non ti lasci scappare niente e ti godi tutto fino alla fine e cerchi di affrontare gli ostacoli con un sorriso, spero con tutto il cuore che tu possa vivere altri milioni di giorni come questi e che non smetta di sognare in grande, che sei partita da un piccolo blog fino a realizzare il “sogno americano”. Ti auguro una vita meravigliosa! Grazie

    Reply to Federica

    complimenti! bello bello bello! sono da sempre convinta che la tua non sia stata solo fortuna ed un bel faccino! avanti così!

    Reply to lila
  • The new site is very easy to explore. I totally love it.
    But I’d like to say a few word about your role in my life.
    I was always afraid to start up projects. I had a lot of fears and that’s why I couldn’t fulfill myself. But one day I saw your web-site. It was the tipping point in my life. I’ve created my own blog and now I keep trying to reach the top.
    I am really grateful to you, that you have inspired me. You became a role model. Every time I want to give up I recall how hardworking and determined person you are(in my point of view) and I keep on moving towards my dream.
    I wish you the best of luck. Hope you will develop your site and yourself, and let all your fans enjoy your new posts. Thank you)

    Reply to Adddetail

    I totally love the new look and the inspiration ! You are truly an inspiration for all of us Chiara, and i know you will continue on being great and creative, Love you and wish you all the best
    P.S: Thanks to TBS Crew for making this happen!

    Reply to Eman

    You’ve forgot Germany and Montecarlo in your travel’s map

    Reply to alex
  • I love the video, it perfectly reflects your universe. I feel in this new web site a new part of your life, I am proud of you, chiara !

    Reply to Gaëlle

    Ricordo ancora il trauma di quando la vasca da bagno piena di insalata è stata sostituita da una tua foto nella stessa posizione.. Era un grosso cambiamento che significava tanto.. Questo come cambiamento è immenso, sei veramente un gamba! Grande Chiara!! 🙂

    Reply to Vale

    I really don’t like at all ur new blog

    Reply to clema
  • Daaaammmn! THis is amazing…I am speechless. Feels like a whole new era for all those bloggers out there. I myself do write a tiny blog ( and compared to this, my blog seems so lame 🙂 but on the other hand it motivates me tons to keep on dreaming <3 keep on rocking, gorgeous girl!!!!


    Reply to jacky
  • Dear Chiara!

    This video is amazing! The edit, the perspective, EVERYTHING. I follow you since 2011 and I’m still one of your biggest fans.

    I’m a 16 y/o blogger and I hope I can reach my goals as you did it. You are one of my role models and I check your blog every day!

    I hope I will get called also a ‘Inspiration’ later.

    Many lovely regards and #theblondesaladneverstops ♥
    Love, Fiona Schubert

    Reply to Fiona Schubert

    This is amazing !!! Congratulations 🙂

    Reply to Aga
  • The video is absolutely incredible, I had to watch it over and over…it’s emotional,it’s touching…ultimatelly – it’s reflecting you and I congratulate you on this new beginning! Off i go to explore ur new site 😉

    Sandra from

    Reply to Sandra

    Ciao Chiara complimenti per questa nuova e strepitosa versione del tuo blog, attraverso questo nuovo radicale cambiamento penso che tutti possano cogliere quanto tu sia cresciuta, non solo a livello professionale ma anche come persona. Ogni giorno seguo i tuoi viaggi,i tuoi look e in generale la tua vita così movimentata e piena di soddisfazioni. Grazie per ispirare me e altre centinaia di persone. Un in bocca al lupo per questo “new beginning”. Sei strepitosa!

    (Un complimento anche alla tua super crew che ti sostiene e aiuta nella realizzazione di tutto questo)

    Reply to Nicole
  • Wow I am utterly mesmerized by the new blog & the fantastic video!
    I am so excited for everything to come and will always be a loyal reader of your ever inspiring blog.
    I hope you have lots of new and amazing adventures to come.
    Much Love,
    Kate xo

    Reply to And Kate
  • I love it, it represents as you said that you grew up, still need to get used to it but it is so much more you I guess 🙂 xoxo Vanessa

    Reply to Vanessa
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