Another look of my days spent in New York: I love making dresses look more funny wearing them with my Superga for The Blonde Salad sneakers 🙂

Un altro look dei miei giorni passati a New York: adoro rendere i vestiti più divertenti indossandoli con le mie Superga for The Blonde Salad sneaker 🙂


I was wearing:


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  • Hallöchen Leute ^^

    Ihr interessiert euch für Kosmetik, DIY, Mode und Rezepte? Dann schaut doch mal auf meinem Blog http://pastellblume.blogspot.co.at/ vorbei! Ich würde mich sehr über euren Besuch und vielleicht auch über den einen oder anderen Kommentar freuen 🙂

    Ich habe zwar erst vor einiger Zeit begonnen einen eigenen Blog zu schreiben, aber ich bin ganzem Herzen dabei und versuche immer besser zu werden. Dies geht leider nur wenn mich jemand auf meine Fehler hinweist und deshalb würde ich euch gerne bitten, einer kleinen Träumerin zu helfen!

    Ich würde mich wirklich sehr freuen ^^
    Eure Pastellblume <3

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    I was there just last week and I remember loving that chair! Haha you look very pretty!

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    You look amazing. Love the sunnies. Kisses!

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  • I love this dress! Very whimsical print….and the fringe gives it an unexpected twist. I would pair it with nude patent pumps or espadrille wedges.

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    Why didn’t I discover your site before? I really love your style and your photo’s!

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  • I absolutely love prints, and that’s a great print on your dress. Looks relaxed and has a beautiful flow. We will be featuring emerging designers from around the world, and have some great printed dresses and pants on TROVEA (www.trovea.com)

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    Oh my goodness~the fringe on the dress is super exquisite detailing! And, the cut-off of the sunnies is ingenious! Love love love this simple, yet avant guard look on you!!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

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  • You are stunning! I always love your style, you’re such an inspiration for other style bloggers like me! Love it:)

    Personal Style: emmzielife.blogspot.com

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    I’m on this blog for the first Time.It’s unbelievable that so many pictures of one outfit are that kind of interesting.who Cafés???

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  • in love with your dress!kisses dear


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    Your dress is really adorable!!! Too cuteeeee!!!
    And sunnies are fabulously crazy!!!


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  • You look gorgeous! I’d love to watch a ‘how you do your make up’ video (I think we all would like it haha)
    And have to say I love your sneakers and how you combined it with that funny dress, so simple but original at the same time!
    kisses xxxx

    <3, lookatmonica.blogspot.com

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  • The dress is very original and I love the combination with the blue Superga, great outfit 🙂


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  • I love the light, airy look to your outfit . I think I would find the fringe a bit irrititating but I expect you dont even notice it

    Susann xx

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    anche queste foto, fatte a new york, hanno una location così anonima che potrebbero essere fatte nella periferia della mia città. che peccato.

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    Lovely pictures.


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    LOVE these pics! Your hair just looks AMAZING these days, how do you manage!?

    xx Frida @ fashionseduction.com

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    On each photo you look amazing! love the dress :*
    visit my blog

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    You look so beautiful Chiara! You ARE so beautiful! Thanks for the wonderful post! 🙂

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    Makes it look so much more casual with the trainers, I love it! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

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    Love the superga sneakers! I’m going back to Amsterdam this weekend to find out if they finally got the ones you are wearing…

    Cute look!

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  • You look incredible, I love your hairstyle and -color, your dress with the fringe and the sneakers. so glam and laid-back at the same time!


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  • the dress looks amazing! chic and casual at the same time, because of the sneakers. Lots of kisses

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